INTERVIEW: @iam_Domsick(TirexMusic) Meets With Patchy(Xtreme Ent)

TirexM: Your Name and Your stage Name?
Patchy: Aiyegoro ayodeji John ,stage name “PATCHY”

TirexM: So tell us How did You start Music and Since When?
Patchy:started writing nd rapping in secondary school den, a friend of mine(Maydre)took me to d studio for my first song which was last year March

TirexM: What has been your Drive through out?
Patchy:support from family nd friends

TirexM:You in School?Which?
Patchy:yep north American university (hnaub)

TirexM:so Your parents support your Music?
Patchy:yeah they do but school is very compulsory:D

TirexM: Difficulties Experienced in the industry?
Patchy: Not much it just gets more fun nd also getting tired of crappy music if you can’t sing or rap or whatever pls don’t go to d studio

TirexM:Which Artist Will you like to Work with here in 9ja?
Patchy: Not which how many,wizzy ,Ajebutter,2-face nd burna boy,Olamide,vector I like there flow nd also working on it

TirexM:Which artist will you like to work with outside?
patchy:Eminem,Kendrick lamar,j-cole.

TirexM:BlackMagic or BurnaBoy? Who do u prefer?
Patchy: I like both of dem I think I wil pic burna boy

TirexM:M.I or olamide? Who do u prefer?
Patchy: da are both gud but Olamide is my pick he’s got total originality

TirexM: You’ve Got a GF?
Patchy:yep nd I luv her very much

TirexM: How Do you Cope with Your school and Music?
Patchy:I cope well I hardly av problems

TirexM:Best 5 Blog Sites you like?
Patchy:not much of a blogger but hhhhhmmmm u guys 😀

TirexM: Which record label will you like to be signed under?
Patchy: hhhhhmmmm db, And Which are you under?extreme ent

TirexM: we be expecting and thing New?
Patchy: yeah b expecting a lot of new stuff cause bin working a lot ,crazy stuff nd I promise I don’t disappoint

TirexM: Any shout outs?
Patchy: to my family,my bruvs from oda mothers,mateo,Maydre,jizzy,tito,donmoe,Kentro,rango,peter(dude),Quadri(ceo extreme ent),dami:*,I.d beats,dr jazz,kiddominant,Jarmue,kidwonder,biggie brown,paparazzle,dayo(d1),Aisha,coco pops,eruke,afe,starboytunes,Ibk,e.t.c I can go on all day sorry if I dint hola your name

TirexM: You’ve Got any beef?
Patchy:am not a hater ,but if you beef me your business

TirexM: we are happy to have You on our Site Thanks.
Patchy: you are welcome

For More info Follow @patchy_fmb
Follow @TirexMusic and @iam_Domsick.


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