INTERVIEW: TirexMusic Meets MEKA(Got it)

TirexM: Your Name and Your stage Name? I’m Emeka … My friends nd fam call me MEKA

TirexM: So tell us How did You start Music and Since When? Well!!…. I started wif little playing around … dah was last year, den decided to take it serious.

TirexM: What has been your Drive through out? Other 9ja artiste .. Wen u hear good music .. U’lld definitely wanna do bettr!

TirexM:You in School?Which? Yh i am, CHS ..

TirexM:so Your parents support your Music? Sure!… My parents are in full support.

TirexM: Difficulties Experienced in the industry? well.. Sometime while in d studio, wanna work on sumfn new … But nufn seems to come.

TirexM:Which Artist Will you like to Work with here in 9ja? Hmmm… DavidO … Nd my G Wizkid!!

TirexM:Which artist will you like to work with outside? Errrm… Kendrick Lamar!

TirexM:Wizkid or Davido? Who do u prefer? …LOL… Both of em keep me goin… Wiz is great!.. David is cool… Mayb Wiz…. Crazy flow!

TirexM:M.I or olamide? Who do u prefer? MI

TirexM: Your Latest Work? BADDEST .. I featured Zeez nd Spitta … It should drop tonigh or so…

TirexM:You’ve Got a GF? Hmm.. YH

TirexM: How Do you Cope with Your school and Music? School nd Music!.. Two crazy things .. Well i jst try staying focus while in school… Get good grades .. Do music.. Hav fun!

TirexM:Best 5 Blog Sites you like? NotJustOk , Tirexmusic , 360nobs , Bellanaija … Can’t remember!

TirexM: Which record label will you like to be signed under? Trybe records or Knight House

TirexM: Should we be expecting and thing New? Yh… I’m working on some crazy jams!

TirexM: Any shout outs? S/O to my homies , fam, fans … Toffy!;)

TirexM: we are happy to have You on our Site Thanks. Yh.. SAFE

Download: Got it by Meka ft Spitta
On Google. Search for the Name above and You gat it.


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