TirexM: Your Name

TUNES: ugonna O.

TirexM: Your stage Name?


TirexM: Position in your Family?

TUNES: I’m the First

TirexM: So tell us How did You start Music and Since When?

TUNES: stared music when I was in high school, my 1st year, that was like 9 or 10 years ago? …back then when I and my friends used to sing and rap during free hours in school..those days when “imagine that” by style plus was still the shit! ..then later joined the choir for a lil while.. After some years started recording with a laptop in d school’s store room….did alota cool stuffs back then though then I thought to myself hit the studio one day nd do something very good and after doing that continuously things got better…did a lot and look at where I am now still going higher with God’s aid

TirexM: What has been your inspiration through out?

TUNES: haha urm my inspiration?…. Making good music mehn. That’s the main shii….. And I was always a big big fan of Michael jackson mehn. Loved the man. #nohomo

TirexM: You in School?Which?

TUNES: yeah I’m in school , north american university

TirexM: So Your parents support your Music?

TUNES: yeah…..100%

TirexM: Difficulties Experienced in the industry?

TUNES: mehn I’ve gone through a lot , trying to be berra than others day by day That’s the main shii….. Meeting up to d standard of what people want to listen to , always working and thinking of new stuffs 24/7, mehn to be honest its not easy @ all….its an everyman for himself deal out there and mad committment to what your doing… There was a time that I wasn’t allowed to record for a long while until I get what I wanna do right… Like make it perfect. Buh with JAH anything is possible

TirexM: Which Artist Will you like to Work with here in 9ja?

TUNES: right now….burnaboy mehn along side others to like davido, wizzy, skuki, sarkodie, iceprince and ill bliss!

TirexM: Which artist will you like to work with outside?

TUNES: ASAP ROCKY my nigguh….
TUNES: ASAP ROCKY my nigguh….no time

TirexM:Wizkid or Davido? Who do u prefer?

TUNES: Wizkid mehn… Anyday

TirexM:M.I or olamide? Who do u prefer?

TUNES: olamide mehn… Anyday my nigguh

TirexM: Your Latest Work?

TUNES: just dropped my new single early this month called TUNE OF LIFE featuring my hommie for years jboey…but right now I’m working on new singles for my upcoming album called OLD-SKUL-TINS… So y’ll should watchout

TirexM:You’ve Got a GF?

TUNES: haha complicated at the moment fam

TirexM: How Do you Cope with Your school and Music?

TUNES: erm hw do I cope… Its kinda hard though cause after school or even during school hours my producer will either call or ping me and be like “yo tunes I’ve goh this new beat and I’lld like u to jump in” and I’ll be like “ok on my way” and miss a lecture or school for the whole day and its worse when I work over night at the studio wiv the team,, buh by the way I cope and things turn out fine

TirexM:Best 5 Blog Sites you like?

TUNES: recessonline, linda ikeji blog, egistonline, dopeepblog, kaceurban,

TirexM: Which record label are you Under?

TUNES: officially signed under Goldheart productions

TirexM: Do you have a manager?

TUNES: yes I do

TirexM: How do you cope with ermm girls?

TUNES: Its crazy yeh…lol buh I manage

TirexM: Should we be expecting and thing New?

TUNES: yes….I’ll be dropping 3 new singles from my upcoming album OLD-SKUL-TINS next month (march)

TirexM: Any shout outs?

TUNES: yeah…. Shout out to my parents, my fam, my manager, goldheart productions, my hommie jboey, Akay sounds my crazy producer, G.O.S junior ,dami my hype girl and P.A of life and all that have been in full support of wah I do. Bless y’all

TirexM: we are happy to have You on our Site Thanks.

TUNES: Your highly welcome…. Oldskultins

FF @tirexMusic and @iam_Domsick.


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