INTERVIEW: TirexM meets ThompsonBCP

TirexM: Your Name?
ThompsonBCP : Thompson Sam Ekong.
TirexM: Name of Your photography?
ThompsonBCP : BCP beyond Capturing Pictures

TirexM: What inspires You when taken pictures?
ThompsonBCP : The Environment.

TirexM: when Did u start taking Professional pictures?
ThompsonBCP : 2012

TirexM: Do you have jobs frequently?
ThompsonBCP : Yes B-)
TirexM: Parties you would be Covering Soon?
ThompsonBCP : #VOLUME #BURNOUT #RTR rip the run way.

TiexM: How do you cope with Critics?
ThompsonBCP: LOL , No Critics Fam or do you know any ? :>.

TirexM: Do you feel uncomfortable when Taking pictures outside?
ThompsonBCP : Nahh !

TirexM: Your Parents Support You?
ThompsonBCP : Yes they Do <3.

TirexM: Name of Your Camera?
ThompsonBCP : Nikon *****

TirexM: First Camera you used?
ThompsonBCP : LOL struggle mehn
Sony Cybershot something something sha , but took some good shots with that Camera tho !

TirexM: Your Greatest Shots?
ThompsonBCP Don't have One.

TirexM: Do you want to be a professional photographer?
ThompsonBCP :Yes 😀 :D.

TirexM: Do u intend on forming Your Own photography group soon?
ThompsonBCP : I have one already ! #BCP

TirexM: Your RoleModel?
ThompsonBCP : Kelechi Amadi Obi and Alakija.

TirexM: Your Mentor?
ThompsonBCP : Don't have One.if I should have 1 it will be Tobbinator.

TirexM: Oya snap me Piture(on purpose)?
LMAO , *snaps* clicks the shutter .

TirexM: itz Fun having u here.
ThompsonBCP : Yeah, You too Oshe (y)

Follow @Thompson__BCP
@iam_Domsick.(CEO tirexMusic.)


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