INTERVIEW: TirexMuziq(@iam_Domsick) Meets with XLT Photography!!!.

TirexM: Your Name?

Rotimi : Rotimi Arogunjo
Shaun: Shaun Okeke-Eweni

TirexM: Name of Your photography Group ?

Shaun : (eXtra Ordinary Life-Touching. Photography) in full . Hahaha .

TirexM: What inspires You when taken pictures?

Shaun : Beautiful people and the things around me .
Rotimi : yup, same as Shaun.

TirexM: when Did u start taking Professional pictures?

Rotimi : We dey try o, God help us.
Shaun : I haven’t started taking professional pictures oo. I’m an amateur photographer.

TirexM: Do you have jobs frequently?

Shaun : We have allot of jobs ooo, that’s why we are allot in our group . So we can keep up with the amount of work we have.
Rotimi : Yeah, that’s true . In xlt we work as a group so we can even do allot of jobs in a day.
TirexM: Parties you would be Covering Soon?

Shaun : We don’t know for now but we have Rip The Runway (R.T.R) , we are covering that soon.
Rotimi : yeah, we have lots of others that we are covering we just need to get confirmation and all that managing thing sorted out.

TirexM: Best Party you got your highest pay?

Shaun : I don’t even know . Its Fifo my oga that can answer that . But The Best Thing I’ve covered is DRB Concert . It was awesome af .
Rotimi : Rotimi : lol, chill.

TirexM: who’s that Model that gives you what you want while taking a shot?

Shaun : I Don’t get this question .
Rotimi : Lol, as long as its a beautiful model. I’m happy .

TirexM: How do you cope with Critics?

Rotimi : lool, critism is a normal thing, but its our choice as a group to ignore such , & then focus on where we’re going to.
Shaun : People must talk .

TirexM: Do you feel uncomfortable when Taking pictures outside?

Rotimi : Sometimes.
Shaun : Sometimes , when my ego kicks in but I can get over it quickly . Taking pictures is what I love doing so I feel good about it .

TirexM: Your Parents Support You?

Rotimi : yup, that’s key.
Shaun : Yes They do , and I’m glad they do .

TirexM: Name of Your Camera?

Shaun : Nikon D3100 (for now )
Rotimi : Nikon P510

TirexM: First Camera you used?

Shaun : one alba digital camera . You have to start from somewhere .

TirexM: Your Greatest Shots?

Rotimi : every picture I take is great to mee
Shaun : Rotimi Chill ; One of my best shots was a shot of Yung LOS at drb concert .

TirexM: Do you want to be a professional photographer?

Rotimi : yeah, I love photography, so maybe
Shaun : It depends … I’m not suree.

TirexM: So What Is XLT All about ?

Rotimi : XLT is a group of young photographers who capture great moments . We cover parties and have done allot of photoshoots in the past.
Shaun : Yeah, Yeah , Yeah . XLT Bitches …..

TirexM: Your RoleModel?

Rotimi : haha, my parents & some couple of great individuals.
Shaun : my mentor is Jaque Kallis (south african cricketer ,

TirexM : I’m Talking about photographers ?

Rotimi : err, Tobi Maguire
Shaun : ohhh, it has to be Nigel Barker .

TirexM: Your Mentor?

Rotimi : “so many yo”
Shaun : I have so many .

TirexM: Oya snap me Piture(on purpose)?

Rotimi : huh? :s
Shaun : hahaha, no p .

TirexM: its Fun having u here.

Shaun : Sure Mate its cool too be here , thanks for giving us this opportunity .
Rotimi : yeah, thanks so much, shoutout to other photography groups.

Ff @IAmFifo,@Shaun_DCM and @RoTMii For Bookings!!!
And @iam_Domsick(For more updates)


2 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: TirexMuziq(@iam_Domsick) Meets with XLT Photography!!!.

  1. Oh shii, this is XLT ?? Heard so much bout you guys ; you seem really chill … Wouldn’t mind you covering a few events I’m planning .

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